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Singleness and Dating

Harvest USA addresses topics of singleness and dating with an aim towards godly sexuality and resisting temptations.

Singleness and dating relationships are topics for which the Bible provides encouragement, wisdom, and practical guidance. Singleness is not a “one size fits all” category. Ages, life circumstances, and reasons (from a human view) can vary greatly among singles.

Dating relationships are also unique, and will lead to one of three places: marriage, a long-term companionship relationship (perhaps with cohabitation), or breaking up.

This page will help you understand how to think biblically about singleness and dating, including principles to guide you with tough topics like emotional intimacy, physical affection, and sexual activity.

Initial Steps

Where to

  1. Learn about God’s design for singleness including sexual and relational integrity.
  2. Learn about wisdom principles to guide your dating relationship.
  3. Establish regular check-ins with someone you trust if you are engaging in sexual sin.
  4. Proactively cultivate your relationship with God and his people.
  5. Learn more about what biblical repentance looks like.

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