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Relationship Struggles

Harvest USA points to the gospel to transform the ways we relate to others.

Relationships are both a blessing and a challenge, if we’re honest. We love people, and we want love from them—yet we also avoid, use, abuse, and fear each other. That’s just for starters!

There is great hope, recalibration, and practical guidance for us as we look to God’s Word to understand his design for our relationships and how sin has impacted our hearts and those of every person we’re connected to.

We find comfort and motivation to learn as we dive into the Scriptures to understand why and how we all face “common to all” (1 Cor. 10:13) temptations in our relationships with people, and how the gospel gives us everything we need in Christ to love, serve, know, and delight in one another.

Initial Steps

Where to

  1. Self-assess what seems to be ‘off’ in your relationships, including if you have none beyond superficial connections.
  2. Share your struggle with a trustworthy friend, mentor, church leader, or a counselor who is faithful to God’s Word.
  3. Commit to learn what the Bible says about friendships, godly mentoring relationships, and how Christians are to love and care for each other as the family of God: brothers and sisters.
  4. Commit to learn what the Bible teaches about the impact of sin on marriages, church relationships, friendships, and family dynamics.
  5. Proactively cultivate your relationship with God and move toward people through the wisdom and power of the gospel.
  6. Learn more about what biblical repentance looks like when you’ve sinfully pursued and/or avoided relationships.

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