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Men’s Ministry

Our Men’s Ministry provides short-term, one-on-one discipleship as well as biblical support groups for men who struggle with a host of sexual sins and sufferings.

We offer a 20-month, five-tier program, consisting of a 16-week introductory group and a roughly one and a half-year weekly biblical support group. Group meetings consist of practical, discussion-based teaching applying God’s Word to our lives, prayer, and accountability.

There is hope for your story.

Hear from Bob about his journey out of the depths of pornography.

Our Purpose:

To serve God’s beloved in their struggle with sexual sin through the hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ alone. To equip God’s beloved through a Christ-centered and Scripture-focused discipleship ministry.

(1) One-on-one Targeted Discipleship

Join in-person or online individual meetings with Harvest USA Men’s Ministry Staff

These meetings are geared toward short-term biblical discipleship. In a maximum of six sessions, we engage with confessional and functional foundations of the Christian faith, encouraging men to foster a relationship with the local church, join support groups, and receive care in specific situations of sexual brokenness.

Dear Brother, this is the first touch point with the Men’s Ministry. We know that you are taking courageous and faithful steps in pursuing holiness and repentance through Christ. If you are willing and ready to engage, complete and send an intake form through the button above. Our intake team will reach out to schedule a first appointment.

(2) Biblical Support Group Discipleship

Join in-person, online, or hybrid group meetings offered weekly.

These meetings are offered weekly in three distinct formats, functioning organically as one program hosted by group facilitators. Groups range from 12 to 32 men, with volunteers, interns, and at least two staff leaders per group, depending on availability.

Crossroads is an entry-level open group that meets weekly on Thursdays. All are welcome—ideally, everyone has met with a Men’s Ministry staff member for at least one individual meeting. This integral part of the Men’s Ministry serves as a readily available support group for men, providing an introductory experience to Harvest USA. Attendance and commitment levels are flexible; you are free to come when able and miss meetings when unable to attend. Crossroads also seeks to help brothers transition to the Closed Groups once a core group is established. A core group generally forms within six to ten weeks.

Foundations is an intermediate-level closed group. Only predetermined people can join—ideally, those who have experienced Crossroads. Foundations meets for 16 to 21 weeks on Wednesdays, and members are required to follow specific guidelines for participation. The core curriculum of this group is the book “Sexual Sanity for Men,” by David White.

Discovery is an advanced-level closed group. Only predetermined people can join—ideally, those who have completed Foundations. Discovery meets for a prolonged season on Tuesdays. After completing Foundations, brothers are asked for a more significant commitment to this long-term group. Presently, Discovery has four stages, and each stage is roughly 15 weeks long with two- to three-week breaks between stages. The core curriculum of this group is “Discovery: A Biblical Support Group Curriculum for Men Pursuing Sexual Integrity,” written by past and present Harvest USA staff members. This advanced-level support group is being redeveloped into a new model to be relaunched during the Summer of 2024.

(3) Prayer Group Discipleship

Join in-person, online, or hybrid prayer meetings for those in a support group.

In-person, online, or hybrid prayer meetings are offered once monthly, on Wednesdays. This group will be reserved to those who are already committed to our programs. All brothers currently impacted by the support group ministry are welcome to join.

What to Expect

The above threefold discipleship ministry combines the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, devoted times of prayer, sharing of testimonies, and the discussion of assignments from each curriculum. The intensity of discipleship and accountability varies in each group. Attendance in the groups reflects a commitment to grow in godliness, where we expect members to actively fight sin by the Spirit of God and call leaders to serve by example.

Desired Outcome

The desired outcome is not perfection but Christlikeness (Eph. 5:1–2). We seek to have the manner of our lives be worthy of the gospel of Christ (Eph. 4:1–6; Phil. 1:27), whereby life in the Spirit is a faithful and obediently practical reality today (Eph. 5:6–10; Jam. 2:17) as we humbly await future glory in the Lord (Rom. 8:18–25; Phil. 3:20–21).

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call (215) 482–0111 or complete and submit your inquiry through our Contact Us page. We will be delighted to talk with you.