Help & Resources For
A Struggling Child

Harvest USA provides help for parents and families affected by a child struggling sexually.

What has my child just said?
What has just happened in our family?
What has just happened in my world?

Things seem instantly upside down and inside out when a child announces that he or she is joining the LGBTQ+ world or is intent on changing their sexual identity. Or perhaps you’ve just found out that your child has been secretly viewing pornography for the past few years, despite your efforts to protect them. As a parent, you may question your parenting, your sanity, your faith, your God. You are surprised, shocked, frightened, and confused. You may wonder if there is any help in it all. Please know that the gospel of Christ has hope and answers for you—and for your child. This page is dedicated to resources that speak to your heart and your situation.

Initial Steps

Where to

  1. Bring this weight of your pain and burden to the Lord in prayer.
  2. Find a trusted person or another couple to help you bear your burden.
  3. Reach out to Harvest USA to find support for yourself with other parents who are walking the same path.
  4. Look through the resources on this page that will speak to your situation biblically, compassionately, and practically.
  5. Learn more about what biblical repentance looks like for a child desiring to follow Jesus.
  6. Continue to trust the Lord as he takes you on a new journey, one day at a time, praying that he will keep you faithful to him as you remain faithful in loving your child.

Get Help

Speak to a staff member at Harvest USA to get help for yourself.

Protect Your Family

Find recommended resources for technology protection.

Further Resources for Parents of a Struggling Child