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Harvest USA ministers to and provides hope for those wrestling with gender struggles.

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, humanity has struggled to live out our callings as male and female image bearers of God. Shame about their bodies was the first thing Adam and Eve experienced after eating from the tree. While gender dysphoria or distress is not new to humanity, we live in a unique time in society when the basic categories of male and female are being questioned at every turn.

This cultural confusion regarding gender and sexuality has had a profound impact on our youth in particular, leading unprecedented numbers of boys and girls to identify as something other than their biological sex. But whatever the cause, if you or a loved one is struggling to live as the man or woman God created you to be, God’s Word has a message of hope for you in the gospel. The Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, took on a human body to not only identify with us in our sufferings but also to take our sin and shame upon his own body on the cross, so that, in him, we are on a road from shame to glory—from suffering to shalom.

The only way to fulfill our callings as male and female image bearers is to be united with and abide in the perfect human, the perfect image of God, Jesus Christ!

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