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Wives’ Ministry

Our Wives’ Ministry provides short-term, one-on-one discipleship as well as a support group.

Is your heart breaking over the revelation of your husband’s sexual sin? Have you known for some time or recently discovered pornography use, infidelity, or other sinful sexual pursuits? When a marriage erupts with these secrets, a wife needs compassionate help and tender care for her heart.

Jesus can be your comfort and guide even in the darkest valley.

Wives Biblical Support Group

Side by Side

Harvest USA’s Side by Side wives biblical discipleship group offers a space to be known by other women walking through similar suffering as you look to God’s Word for hope, help, and wisdom for your unique situation.

Our Side by Side biblical discipleship group offers a confidential closed meeting every other week. During these two-hour meetings, we discuss Jesus and Your Unwanted Journey: Wives Finding Comfort After Sexual Betrayal, pray together, and receive care as our painful story is heard and kept confidential with a trained facilitator.

Is the Side by Side group right for me?

  1. Are you married and wanting help to navigate your husband’s sexual sin?
  2. Are you willing to engage in individual reading and prayer homework for one to two hours outside of the meeting?
  3. Are you available to commit to two-hour meetings every other week for the six-month duration of the group?
  4. Are you ready to receive compassionate care for your heart and pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Targeted Discipleship

If a group isn’t open when you reach out, we may recommend you receive one-to-one, targeted discipleship while you wait for the next group to start. Targeted Discipleship is a monthly meeting with a women’s ministry staff member over a period of about six months. During these meetings you talk about the comfort Jesus offers you amid your husband’s sexual betrayal and receive care and discipleship from a Harvest USA staff member or intern. This involves reading and homework for you to process and complete between monthly meetings.

Ready for the Next Step?

Harvest USA has compassionate and trained staff members committed to investing in your spiritual growth with intentionality for the duration of the group. If you’re ready to seek God’s care alongside other women for a committed season, consider taking the first step by calling (215) 482–0111 or setting up an appointment here to start the confidential process.

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