Help & Resources For
Sexual Addiction

Harvest USA provides discipleship and equipping to care for those affected by sexual brokenness

Could I be…addicted? Is addiction even a Biblical concept? Does Jesus offer help to someone feeling so stuck?

It’s scary to even think about admitting that your own desires, thoughts and behavior have begun to feel out of control! Have you tried to stop and just couldn’t? Do you feel like you’re stuck, alone, weary?

God’s Word speaks directly to you – yes YOU – where you are today. Jesus is able to meet you with compassion, forgiveness and help.

Initial Steps

Where to

  1. Talk to a trusted friend, mentor, or pastor
Involve others in taking steps to remove access to pornography
  3. Establish regular check-ins with someone you trust

  4. Talk to a counselor or a staff member at Harvest USA to start to understand the deeper heart issues

  5. Proactively cultivate your relationship with God and his people
  6. Learn more about what biblical repentance looks like
Online Course

Raising Sexually Faithful Kids

Get Help

Speak to a staff member at Harvest USA to get help for yourself

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Further Resources on Sexual Addiction