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Harvest USA offers biblical wisdom on God’s design for marriage, sex within marriage, and broken marriages.

Marriage is a tremendous gift created by God for his glory and the good of his people. God’s mind-stretching creativity brought forth men and women—two complementary creatures with the capacity to more fully bear his image as male and female, becoming one flesh through a lifelong, exclusive union (including sexual, emotional, relational, and sexual faithfulness) and to grow together in Christlikeness.

From the moment sin infected the human heart it wrecked marriages, leading to selfishness, autonomy, and weakness in the face of temptations and an enemy committed to robbing God of glory.

In Christ, however, marriages become beautiful from the ashes of sin, betrayal, and broken trust as husbands and wives surrender and submit to his lordship and defer to one another in humility.  

Initial Steps

Where to

  1. Learn what biblical marriage is and what steps of faith you need to take to grow as a Christ-honoring husband or wife.
  2. Self-assess if you have broken your marriage vows emotionally, relationally, mentally, and/or sexually.
  3. Share your struggle with a trustworthy friend, mentor, or church leader.
  4. If you’ve been unfaithful, commit to engage in a process of repentance, growth, and rebuilding trust in your marriage.
  5. Learn more about what biblical repentance looks like when you’ve sinfully pursued and/or avoided relationships.
  6. Commit to learn how to grow your marriage through intentional, specific, and regular steps of cultivating friendship, intimacy (emotional and sexual), and spiritual vibrancy in your marriage.

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