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Parents & Family Ministry

Have a family member struggling with sexual sin?  It is our desire to come alongside you with biblical truth, fellowship, and prayer for what can be a difficult and long journey.

We offer an 8 week, online support group for parents and families. Participants will work through the Shattered Dreams, New Hope curriculum.

What are the goals of the Parents and Family Ministry?

  1. We endeavor to help undergird that close “concentric circle” of family members who are concerned for a sexual struggler.  We provide settings for prayerful and supportive fellowship, and we work to develop resources for the family’s spiritual wellbeing and growth.
  2. We explain the spiritual roots / dynamics of the sexual struggles, and we discuss the nature of biblical, Christ-like ways to minister to the struggler, reflecting the love, grace and mercy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How will I profit from plugging in to Harvest’s Parents and Family Ministry?

  1. You will see that you are not alone in this journey!  You will hear the stories and prayer requests of others.
  2. You will hear and discuss essential biblical content that helps build a basis for your thinking and for your ministry to your loved one who struggles.
  3. You will become familiar with the resources that Harvest USA offers, both the personnel and the written and digital materials.
  4. You will learn and develop ways to cultivate your personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that you  are ready to reflect him to sexual strugglers.

What are some things that will be discussed within Parents and Family Ministry?

  1. Scripture clearly says that a heart-change is needed to correct life-patterns that are contrary to God’s directives.  Rather than being only surface and outward, a genuine behavioral change results from  a real heart-change.
  2. The work of the Holy Spirit is the core and cause of genuine heart change. My reliance on his work and guidance and timing is my pattern in caring about my loved one.
  3. A faithful cultivation of my own relationship with Christ is key to personal ministry to the struggler.  This dovetails with the equally essential ministry of prayer.   In addition, a life-example–reflecting Scripture and Christlikeness–is the needed daily outward ministry.  The results of these ministries are always the work of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The support of others within the Body of Christ is nurturing and encouraging!  Ask the Lord to provide “fellow-pilgrims.”

What is the format of opportunities offered by Parents and Family Ministry?

  1. We offer online parents’ support groups (via Zoom).  The groups meet weekly for 8 weeks and work through the Shattered Dreams / New Hope curriculum.
  2. In some locations there are in-person support groups.  Inquire regarding your location.
  3. Groups consist of 8-12 people; we encourage couples to attend together.
  4. Groups are scheduled from 7:00-8:30 PM, usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

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