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Women’s Ministry

Are you a woman struggling with sexual integrity?
You’re not the only one. Jesus is compassionate to those who humble themselves and ask for help. We would delight to walk with you as you seek Jesus!

women are the fastest growing demographic in mobile device porn use

women who attend church weekly have engaged in same sex sexual behavior

of women under 25 seek out porn monthly

of women have used porn sometime in their lifetime

Women’s Biblical Support Group

Journeyers In Grace

Journeyers in Grace is a biblical discipleship group for women pursuing help for any area of sexual sin and disordered desires in their lives. Jesus offers hope, and you are not alone!

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How to get involved

  1. Complete a confidential intake form.
  2. Meet with a female staff member from Harvest USA who will ask more about your story and pray with you.
  3. Join the next available closed group with four to six other women.
  4. The group meets weekly for 10 weeks, working through the Harvest USA curriculum Sexual Sanity for Women.

“I am overwhelmed by the unmistakable presence of Christ working in my heart through this ministry of sisterhood.

New belief is growing in a very dark corner of my heart, where I once did not believe there was hope for my future. I have understanding sisters who tell me about Jesus’s love for me even while I sin— before I even repent. And I have newfound assurance that the Lord really does intend to make me holy by gently giving himself to me. I can’t even write this without tears of joy. There is something so precious about this sisterhood, who is committed to showing me the love of Jesus by receiving my story (past and present!), sharing their own, and testifying how they see the Lord’s work in my heart, especially when I can’t see it myself. I’m beginning to understand that Jesus is my true companion in this journey of accepting his grace that just won’t run dry!”

Testimony of a recent “Journeyers In Grace” group member

Is the Journeyers in Grace group right for me?

  1. Are you willing to seriously engage your struggle with sexual sin with other Christian women and seek encouragement and accountability together?
  2. Are you able to commit one to two hours per week of individual reading and reflection time?
  3. Are you available to commit to a two-hour weekly meeting for 10 weeks?

What happens in a group?

  1. Prayer
  2. Processing the weekly reading from Sexual Sanity for Women
  3. Opportunity to share honestly how you’re doing
  4. Scripture study and meditation
  5. Celebrating God’s grace at work in you
  6. Journeying alongside other women seeking to grow in sexual integrity

Targeted Discipleship

If a group isn’t open when you contact us, we may recommend you receive one-to-one, targeted discipleship while you wait for the next group to start. Targeted Discipleship is a monthly meeting with a women’s ministry staff member over a period of about six months. During these meetings, you talk about how the gospel applies to your struggle with sexual sin and receive care and discipleship from a Harvest USA staff member or intern. This involves reading and homework for you to process and complete between monthly meetings.

Ready for the Next Step?

Harvest USA has compassionate and trained group facilitators committed to investing in your spiritual growth with intentionality for the duration of the group. If you’re serious about seeking God’s help and ready to engage your struggle for a committed season, consider taking the first step by calling (215) 482–0111 or scheduling an appointment to start the confidential process.

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