Prayer for Pride Month
June 6, 2024

A Prayer for Pride Month: Seeking Humility and Faith

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As we navigate through this month of LGBTQ+ celebrations, advocacy, disappointments, pain, and broken relationships, we at Harvest USA want to encourage believers to fix their eyes on Jesus—to humbly, expectantly, and confidently approach the throne of grace. The following prayer for Pride Month is a partially re-worded version of our friend Walt Mueller’s annual prayer. Please pray with us:

Lord God, Shepherd, Creator, and Savior, thank you for your good gifts of relationships, sexuality, gender and the beautiful ways you intend for us to receive and experience these gifts. Your Word tells us that in the Garden, everything you made existed for your glory and our good. 

We confess that, due to sin and brokenness in the world, all of us struggle personally with sexual brokenness as we choose to run our own lives, let selfish desires rule us, and refuse to honor you as the loving Lord and Creator. We humbly admit that we pursue selfish comforts in response to stress, internal pain, and suffering. We praise you because you are not only our forgiving Lord but also the One who heals our broken hearts, sets us free, and gives us hope and courage to live differently.

As we navigate the messages and memes flooding our world during Pride Month, give us skills for discernment rooted deeply in biblical truth. Wherever and whenever we see a rainbow, remind us that it’s a sign established by you, representing your covenant promises (Gen. 9:13–17). May the rainbows we see this month spark a response of living every square inch and minute of our lives in grateful obedience to you as those colors reflect your steadfast love shining in the light of your mercy and grace.

Help us to see that every human being is an image-bearer who must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. Keep us from engaging in hateful and harassing behavior toward any individual or group not living in accord with your will for sex, sexuality, and gender. Help us to see that we are all sexually broken in some way. Give us the desire to love others enough to tell them the truth, your truth, as Jesus did—with Christlike grace. And, where others come to speak your truth into our lives, give us listening ears and receptive hearts.

May we, your people, have compassion for sufferers, strugglers, and sinners (as this is what we all are), always offering exhortation, truth, and love. Cause your people to represent you with humility, truth, compassion, and wisdom. O God, protect us from being an offense due to pride, meanness, or self-righteousness! And cause us to be the fragrance of Jesus in our families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and out-and-about when we encounter Pride events.

We throw ourselves upon the mercy of your grace as you offer redemption and restoration to all who confess and turn from their sexual sin, seeking your mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:4–10). Sustain us, we pray, as we live a life of Christian discipleship in this still-sin-marred, now-but-not-yet-fully-realized Kingdom of God, as we expectantly await that final rescue and restoration from whatever unique forms of sexual brokenness we experience.

In Christ’s name, we pray, amen.

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