Privacy Policy

Harvest USA will take any and all precautions to insure that any information you give us concerning your identity (your name, address, phone number, financial information, donor records, etc.) are kept in the utmost confidence. This information is not available to anyone outside the organization, except in cases required by law and/or the Internal Revenue Service.

Personal information you have provided related to your name, address, and other contact information is most often used within the organization in the following ways:

  • to allow for newsletter and other mailings to be sent to you (donor receipts, gift acknowledgements,  prayer letters, e-mails, invitations to special events and special opportunities to support the ministry or a special project, etc)
  • to allow for personal communication and follow up with you by someone from the organization

Harvest USA does not share, distribute, or sell our mailing list to any other party or organization.

Harvest USA will make every effort to insure that any personal information relayed to us via phone call, letter, and/or e-mail remains confidential within the organization.  Please note that individual staff may receive a call, e-mail, or letter and determine that he/she needs advice and counsel on how to proceed in providing help. In such instances, the information may be shared with other appropriate staff within the organization to insure the best follow-up possible.

Harvest USA considers the following situations as exempt from confidentiality practices and, if they are related, they will result in our taking the necessary steps as prescribed by law:

  • any threat you have communicated to us of your intention to harm yourself or others
  • any confession that you are sexually or physically abusing a minor.

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