In an increasingly sexualized world, it’s difficult to know how to teach your children about their sexuality in a godly way. On the one hand, you don’t want to give the impression that sex is bad or make them feel ashamed of their bodies. But on the other, you don’t want to reinforce the message, “If it feels good, do it.” How do you instill a godly view of sexuality into your child without just giving them a list of “don’ts”?

In this minibook, David White equips you to help your child form a positive, biblical framework for their sexuality. He walks you through how to build a basic foundation for understanding God’s purposes for sex, and he gives you tips for how to address more complex issues that may arise as your child grows older and becomes aware of other expressions of sexuality.


David White (MDiv) is a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America and the author of God, You, & Sex: A Profound MysterySexual Sanity for Men: Re-Creating Your Mind in a Crazy Cultureand the minibook, Can You Change If You’re Gay? He served at Harvest USA for 19 years, helping hundreds overcome sexual sin, developing curricula, supervising staff, and teaching in churches nationally on sexual issues. He is a graduate of Temple University and Westminster Theological Seminary. David is married to Jennifer, and they are blessed with four children.