How Do I Represent Christ to My Child Who Won’t Listen to Truth?

In a Christian home, when a child identifies as gay or transgender, all the relationships in the family are upended. Suddenly, conversations and discussions become landmines that, when stepped on, explode in hurtful and angry words. How can parents navigate a home filled with tension and deep disappointment?

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Chris Torchia
About The Author
Chris Torchia is the newest member of the Men’s Ministry team at Harvest USA. As well as discipling individual men and youths, Chris leads support groups for men struggling with sexual addiction. Chris recently completed his MA in Biblical Counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA; along with a counseling internship at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), Glenside, PA. He also holds a BA in Intercultural Studies from Lancaster Bible College, PA. Apart from his work at Harvest USA, Chris has been involved with a breakdance ministry for over 7 years that focuses on teaching and mentoring youth.

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