Partner Ministry

Through our Partner Ministry Program, Harvest USA helps your local church design and implement a ministry to those struggling with sexual sin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this cost?

It’s free.  We will only ask you to reimburse our costs incurred in connection with our staff coming to do in-person training (travel, lodging, meals).

How long does this process typically take?

We have found it generally takes at least six months to a year.  There are two main ingredients that need to be in place before the live Partner Ministry training event:  your church culture needs to be prepared to be a community in which a ministry like this can thrive; and, you need to have a team of people willing and ready to be trained to do the ministry.  In churches that have both of those things in place already, you’ll still want to assume ample time to plan well.

What is the general structure of a Partner Ministry?

Partner Ministries’ targeted discipleship work is organized around two main areas:  individual discipleship, focusing on one-on-one accountability, discipleship, and mentoring; and biblical support groups, which provide confidential group-based discipleship.

What types of struggles does this program prepare us to address?

The training that Partner Ministry leaders receive will enable them to work with any variety of sexual sin struggles — same sex, opposite sex, gender related, etc.  The roots of sexual struggle are generally the same, regardless of the outward manifestation of the struggle. And, the source of help to which we direct strugglers is the same.

What do we get in the monthly training videos as part of the ongoing support?

Harvest USA will provide to those working in your Partner Ministry a monthly training video called the “Partner Ministry Minute.”  It will come via email. It is designed to be short (less than five minutes) and practical. The goal is to provide instruction and encouragement for the variety of challenges specific to this kind of ministry.

Will our group/s be considered Harvest USA groups?

Your ministry will not be organizationally connected or accountable to Harvest USA. It will be under the authority of the spiritual leadership of your church. Harvest USA’s role is to help you plan, train your leaders, and give follow-up support.

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