How Do I Explain LGBTQ+ Issues to My Children?

With the culture rapidly changing, more children are describing themselves along the lines of the LGBTQ+ acronym. While there are lots of reasons for why this is happening, Christian parents need to help their children understand sexual and gender identity from a biblical perspective, as well as help them communicate to their peers a Christian worldview of sexuality and gender. Read more about this in Tim’s blog, How to Talk with Your Kids about LGBTQ+ Identity.

There are many other resources on our website that will help you explain LGBTQ+ identity to your child. One additional resources is Tim’s minibook, Explaining LGBTQ+ Identity to Your Child: Biblical Guidance and Wisdom. This resource is available for purchase in three formats: eBook, Kindle, and Minibook 5-pack.

About The Author
Tim Geiger is the former President of Harvest USA. Starting as a volunteer, Tim then joined the Harvest USA staff and served with us for 16 years. Tim is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, PA, and lives with his wife and family outside Philadelphia.

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