Transform Your Church with a Biblical View on Sexuality

Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues, but the world’s perspective on these issues keeps changing. So how do you answer questions about God’s design for sexuality to church members and their families? Is your church equipping you to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form gospel-based responses to questions from both inside and outside the church?

This new video series, God’s Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture, will help you understand God’s design for sexuality and wisely speak the truth in love to the world you.

God’s Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture consists of fifteen 30-minute videos (suitable for Sunday school or small group meetings) with a downloadable leader’s guide and participant outline for each video. The videos address questions and topics including:

— Why do we need to talk about sex?

— Why do we struggle with our sexuality?

— Is God’s design for sexuality still relevant today?

— What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

— Can you change if you are gay?

— How can a single person live out God’s design for their sexuality?

— Understanding gender and transgender issues

— Understanding pornography’s impact on marriage

— How to help the sexual struggler

— Key steps for raising sexually-healthy kids

— Keeping your kids safe in an Internet world

“Harvest USA understands the enormous significance of God making us sexual beings and the consequences that follow when sin disrupts our sexual desires. How much more amplified are the consequences to society when culture rejects God’s authority over creation and sexuality. God’s Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture is a sturdy resource that will equip churches to be ambassadors of truth, grace, and freedom in a culture that’s awash in sexual confusion.”

Andrew T. Walker, Director of Policy Studies, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, author of God and the Transgender Debate

“In this present moment when we are experiencing a cultural free-fall from God’s Word, both in public life and in many sectors of the church, this resource provides a much-needed voice to declare God’s unchanging purposes and design for the exercise of the sexual gifts he has given to us as those created in his image. The format lends itself to classes, small groups, and Biblical counseling instruction; and the content is presented in such a way as to encourage thoughtful reflection, meditation, and profitable discussion. God’s Design for Sexuality is an important resource as we seek to be faithful in our ministry and callings.”

Tom Sullivan, Pastor of Seven Springs Presbyterian Church, Glade Spring, VA; ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor; adjunct faculty, Graham Bible College

“As a counselor, I am grateful to send countless individuals to Harvest USA for help. Harvest’s biblical approach is insightful and clarifying. It sustains the weight of a person’s sorrow and has the power to break the enslavement of sexual sin. God’s Design for Sexuality now comes to us. Although this resource targets Sunday schools and small groups, my hope is that it would reach into counseling offices and Christian homes alike. I guarantee that it will be on hand in both of mine.”

Aaron Sironi, Biblical Counselor and Faculty, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

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