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Harvest USA is committed to equipping both the local church and the Church at large through many avenues: Christ-centered, practical seminars and presentations; books; minibooks; our blog and magazine; and more. Our seminars and presentations are Christ-centered and practical, providing the best resources to better support and equip the Church. Check out our offerings below!

And if you would like to host a Harvest USA seminar or presentation, just complete the Event Request Form by clicking on the link on the right. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are NOT scheduling any equipping events for the rest of 2020.

Seminars and Webinars

Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually Faithful Kids


It’s tougher than ever to be both a kid and a parent today! The world’s culture is continually pushing an anything-goes sexuality on our children. Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually Faithful Kids gives you gospel-centered principles and practical helps to disciple your kids’ hearts and nurture their faith as they face the sexual chaos of their world. Live seminar/Webinar

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Gospel Sexuality: Youth Ministry Training (Video Series)

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Whether it’s youth or college ministry, discipling students to follow Jesus in the area of sexuality is daunting! Gospel Sexuality: Student Ministry Training helps you cast a vision for a Christ-centered sexuality in your ministry and gives you practical ways to implement that vision into large group settings, one-to-one discipleship times, in parental support, and more. 

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Women Helping Women (Webinar)

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Women Helping Women is a 4-part webinar, training women to think biblically about sexuality and minister graciously to sexual strugglers.  We will discuss God’s design for sexuality, how patterns of sexual and relational sin develop, and discover biblical wisdom regarding the discipleship process. 

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Shattered Dreams/ New Hope (Webinar)


Shattered Dreams / New Hope is a webinar designed to help parents whose son or daughter identifies as gay or transgender. In this webinar, parents will learn how to think biblically about sexual and gender struggles and suffering and discover new ways of moving toward their child in love and compassion. 

Individual Presentations

Understanding Sexual Struggles

Understanding sexual struggles

Learn how to think through the complex issues of sexuality, how to conceptualize people as sexual image bearers, and how Christ transforms your ministry to those struggling.

Protecting Your Family in an Internet World


Technology is becoming more ingrained in everything we do. But while it has its upside, the downside is dangerously harmful, especially to our kids. Young children and teens are accessing online pornography and it is having seriously harmful effects on their development. Do you know how to oversee your children and teen’s online activities?

Sexuality & the Single Person


One’s sexuality doesn’t matter only when one is married. Singles are also called to live their lives honoring God with their sexuality. How can someone who is single today live with sexual integrity in a culture that is sex-obsessed?

Can You Change If You're Gay?

Can you change if youre gay

There is probably no more controversial issue than this one regarding same-sex attraction and Christian faith. What if you or someone you know has same-sex desires? How do you sort through the many voices and opinions on this controversial issue? What is a Christian perspective on whether someone who has same-sex attraction can change?

Raising Sexually-Faithful Kids

Raising Sexually-Faithful kids

How do parents train up their child in the area of their sexuality?  It’s something parents are all too often failing to address. What are the key things a parent needs to do to help shape their child’s understanding of sex and help them follow God’s design?

What's Wrong with Looking at Porn?


The danger of viewing pornography is not just about the images one sees; it’s about the worldview it teaches, a worldview that distorts, demeans, and destroys real relationships. What do we need to learn about that worldview, and what steps should a Christian community take to guard against it and to help those who struggle with pornography?

A Biblical View of Gender and Transgender

A biblical view of gender and transgender

Sexual behavior outside of God’s design is now moving into sexual identity outside of the categories of male and female. With sexuality changing at such a rapid pace in our post-Christian culture, how do we make sense of this controversial issue?

Why Does the Church Need to Talk About Sex?


Sexual issues are not easily discussed publicly in the church. But the church must begin to speak openly about them, or else too many believers will remain confused about what is right or wrong and will either struggle in secret or drift away from the faith. What do we need to do differently as a church to get this topic out in the open?

Ministry to Sexually Strugglers

ministry to sexual strugglers

It’s becoming more and more evident that Christians are struggling with sexual issues. Do you know how to help a friend or someone in the church? Do you know what is helpful, and what is not?

If you would like to host a Harvest USA seminar or presentation, just complete the Event Request Form by clicking on the link on the right. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are NOT scheduling any equipping events for the rest of 2020.


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