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Shattered Dreams, New Hope is written for Christian parents whose child identifies as LGBTQ+ and does not desire to live in accordance with God’s Word.

The curriculum is organized into the following three parts:

“Discovering Your Child” – This section will help you see your child more comprehensively, and it will give you a vision for areas in your child’s life that God may want to change or heal.

“Caring for Your Heart” – This section will help parents explore their emotions, fears, and doubts so they might experience the freedom to mourn, grieve, and heal.

Moving Toward Your Child” – This section will consider the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) and how the love that you receive from God informs and empowers the love that you can show your son or daughter.

How to Use It?
We designed the curriculum for parents to work through individually, with a spouse or friend, or in a support group setting. The curriculum will also be useful to church leaders and laypeople who are walking alongside a hurting parent or seeking to facilitate a support group in their local church. Throughout each chapter, questions are included to guide personal reflection and/or group discussion.


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