SexGospel-300x115Sexuality and the Gospel

Friday and Saturday, March 14 & 15Calvary Baptist Church
5300 Green Pond Road, Easton, PA 18045

Sexual Struggles, Grace, and Community:

We live in a culture obsessed with sexuality. We are bombarded constantly with the message that “sex = life” and to live with unsatisfied desires is to settle for a deprived, mundane, unhealthy existence. In stark contrast to our culture, the church is too often silent about sexuality.

Dave WhiteThis Harvest USA seminar is designed to help begin the conversation within a congregation. The ellen-dykasseminar provides valuable insights into God’s design for sexuality, helps people understand why sexuality “goes wrong” and offer tools to break out of the downward spiral of sexual sin. Geared to help both strugglers and those seeking to minister to others, the practical teaching and guided discussion groups ensure that attendees will come away with a clearer vision of how the gospel brings freedom to the sexually broken. Break the silence, get involved and invite people to see that the Bible speaks powerfully, offering true life and healing.Presenting on behalf of Harvest USA will be: David White, Men’s Minstry Coordinator, and Ellen Dykas,Women’s Ministry Coordinator.Though registration for the seminar is not necessary, registration for childcare isClick here to register for childcare for ages birth to Pre-K.

For Parents of Middle Schoolers, please read, “Should I Bring My Middle Schooler to This Conference?” It’s available – here.

What to expect – Seminar at a glance

Friday Evening, March 14

God’s Design for Sexuality: 6:45-7:45pm

If we want to understand what sexuality is all about, we need to go back to the beginning. The Scriptures help us unravel the many conflicting and confusing messages we receive from our culture. But God’s intentions are what provide the deepest fulfillment for both the married and single person.

Why Do I Do What I Do? Getting a Handle on Sexual Struggles:8:00-9:00pm

This session provides a way of looking at behavior from a biblical perspective and helps to answer the question: “Why do I do what I do?” Behavior flows from the heart (Matthew 15), and, therefore, to address it, we need to know what is driving it. The biblical concept of idolatry is presented here, along with a diagram of how sexual struggles and sin flow from the idols in our hearts.

Saturday Morning, March 15

Sexual Struggles, Grace, and Community: 8:45-9:45am

This session will discuss how a church community (men, women, students and parents, single and married) can begin to address, in practical ways, a proactive approach to sexual struggles and sin. How can strugglers begin to see the church as a place where they can get help, rather than a place where they fear they will be found out?

Same-Sex Relationships: Homosexuality, Redemption & the Church:10:00-11:00am

Much confusion abounds today, in the culture and in the church, about homosexuality. Is it just a behavior? Is it always wrong? What is God’s take and Scripture’s clear and compassionate message about this and those who struggle with same-sex attractions?

Q&A 11:00am-Noon

If you have addtional questions concerning this seminar, contact: Pastor Paul Wilson: or phone the church: 610.365.5300


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