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Transgenderism: A Biblical Truth and Mercy Response

The issue of transgenderism has hit the media news so rapidly that many Christians find it hard to locate any good information on how to think about it, and also how to walk alongside someone who is struggling with their sense of gender.

We’re going to list a few resources that we think provide both a biblical worldview assessment of the issue, as well as talk about some ways the church and friends can help someone.  We’ll list these resources by date so that you can come back to see if we’ve found anything new (in addition to the resources we are developing as well).

Getting some good resources for understanding and help

Becoming better informed about the transgender struggle

information-logoAn important point to recognize is that this struggle is very real and difficult. It’s very hard for those who comfortably fit with their biological gender to understand the distress that some feel about this. Compassion is called for as a first response (not a quick worldview position that shows that someone has not taken the time to first listen and learn: see James 1: 19).

Bringing a biblical perspective on what to do or say

think-iconUnderstanding and gaining insight is important, but at some point the church needs to respond with biblical wisdom and practical help.  What do we say, and how should the church respond to individuals with a transgender identity and who might be thinking of transitioning?  Here’s a few article resources that give some practical helps.

Resources from individuals and family members impacted by transgender issues

family-figureTestimonies from those who transitioned and then realized that it wasn’t the cure-all they were looking for brings powerful stories to help strugglers. Stories from family members deeply affected by a parent who transitioned are also important to read. The culture today emphasizes a narcissistic importance of the individual pursuing self-directed choices, but what is missing is the deep impact such self-centeredness does to family members.

Additional perspectives (such as medical/psychological) that inform

transgender-icon-logoIt’s important that those who are considering adopting a transgender identity, or are moving in the direction of transitioning, listen to informed professionals that give information that is not in agreement with the current media positions. Here are a few good resources that you can share with someone.

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