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We are getting an increasing number of requests from parents, pastors, friends and others in the the church for good, biblically-sound resources to help understand and address issues of transgenderism.  There’s a lot of good stuff scattered around the web, and we’re trying to collect some of them into a Resource Page.

The Resource Page is being updated as we come across more articles, sermons, blog posts, etc. that we believe are helpful from a gospel perspective.  So check back from time to time. Just click the link to the page above.  We hope what we have gathered will help you think biblically and compassionately.

A 3rd post from The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference

Paige Benton Brown spoke at the Here is Your God Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference from 1 Kings 8, and gave a rich exhortation concerning how we do or do not reveal that we are the temple of God. As Paige put it, do we have a quality of “templeness” within us?  In her talk, Paige was actually one of the two women I heard who did apply her message to sexual sin in women. She brought out the challenging but rich calling we all have in being the home of the Lord:

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