Ever seen one of those Twilight Zone re-runs where at first the protagonist is living in what he thinks is his business-as-usual life?  But then he come to realize he is living a sham and that his life is not his own but rather he’s a pawn in some powerful beings game or experiment. This type of twist in the plot is what drives the Neo character in The Matrix. Neo is shocked and horrified to find his freedom and normal life is anything but normal and he’s in fact a slave.

In the Rod Sterling Twilight Zone I am thinking of, when the man discovers he’s living is what amounts of a doll’s house, and that he is the audience to be seen by outsiders, the man frantically grabs the items in what he thought was his house to find in a sickening horror they are mere props.  He pulls kitchen drawer handle, but the drawer does not open. The drawer handle pulls off in his hand, then he gazes up into the stage lights above him, helpless.  There Sterling leaves him and the TV audience, ever wondering what that man can do about his plight.  That’s good spooky ending for a 30 minute show but would not make much of a movie.

On the other hand, Neo’s reaction to his shocking discovery that his life was slavery and deception not reality and freedom is not a helpless reaction but ruthless.  As he progressively get’s into the reality beneath this façade he’d been a pawn in, Neo seeks the truth with relentlessness abandonment.  His knowing the truth meant he had to make a choice to make – to fight or to slip back into forgetfulness of reality into the pawn and slavery ‘virtual reality game’ of his old life.  What made the Matrix a movie to watch and remember is that Neo became more and more ruthless. 

I think what drove Neo’s ruthlessness as a fighter was not just anger, revenge, but loyalty to truth and to the real people with whom and for whom he fought.  I think manly love looks like loyalty.  And loyalty is what sparks and fires a holy ruthlessness.

So … 

1.  What is ‘winning’ for the enemy?

2.  What are the key realities beneath sexual fantasies, porn, masturbation, or acting out with another person?

3.  Are you as ruthless with your enemies as they are with you?

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act {fight} like men, be strong! Let all that you do be done in love {manly loyalty}!  1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (ESV)




Dan Wilson
About The Author
Dan Wilson is the STUDENT OUTREACH Coordinator for Harvest USA. He’s also an ordained minister, and has served as a youth minister, education minister, pastor, with para-church ministries, and taught New Testament at Bryan College, Dayton, TN. Before moving to the national office in Philadelphia, Dan served for nine years with Harvest USA’s Chattanooga regional office. Dan is now excited to lead the STUDENT OUTREACH because its mission is to educate, equip and resource parents and youth and college ministry workers to disciple students in biblical, Christ-centered sexuality. A native of Memphis, Dan has a B.A. in History from the University of Memphis, a M.Div. and Ph.D. in New Testament and Greek from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Cordova, TN. Dan is married to Heather, his lovely wife, and they have four children ages 17 to 8. He loves Kingdom theology, and is a huge U2 fan.

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