Resources from individuals and family members impacted by transgender issues

Resources From Individuals and Family Members Impacted By Transgender Issues

Testimonies from those who transitioned and then realized that it wasn’t the cure-all they were looking for brings powerful stories to help strugglers.  Stories from family members deeply affected by a parent who transitioned are also important to read. The culture today emphasizes a narcissistic importance of the individual pursuing self-directed choices, but what is missing is the deep impact such self-centeredness does to family members.

Help 4 Families

Help 4 Families is a Christian ministry that provides resources for strugglers and their families.

“When My Father Told Me He Wanted to Be a Woman” by Denis Shick

Denise Shick, whose father transitioned when she was young, speaks of the impact it had on her growing up as a woman.  Her testimony, published on the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse website, “When My Father Told Me He Wanted to Be a Woman,” reveals a side of the transgender experience that is rarely told. Denise is the founder of Help 4 Families.

Sex Change Regret by Walt Heyer

Sex Change Regret is a website from Walt Heyer, a former transgendered woman who after many years returned to his biological male gender. The site contains a wealth of articles and web links. He also blogs at

"I Was a Transgender Woman" by Walt Heyer

Walt’s testimony is found here.

"50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides" by Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer’s blog post here has several important links that give more evidence that transitioning surgery does not give the benefits that this cultural phenomena says it does.

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