Relationships, Heart-connections and sexuality…where do they come from anyway?

Relationships, Heart-connections and sexuality…where do they come from anyway?

I thought it might be good to begin and the beginning…where do all these things come from anyway? I mean…sexuality? Relationships? Emotional connections with others? Do we “make” all of these experiences for ourselves? Do WE set the agenda and do what we want?

Many will shout out a loud and exuberant YES! But the God of the Bible would say something else.

Speaking of Jesus, Colossians 1:15-17 says some radical things about all of the above: ALL things were created BY Him and FOR Him!  WOW!  By Jesus and for Jesus?! Jesus is God, and therefore Creator…and as Creator has designed relationships, sexuality (and therefore sexual expression) and our emotional lives to be experienced by Him and for Him and His purposes. These purposes are GOOD, beautiful, healing, restoring, amazing because Jesus is a good, beautiful, amazing Healer and Restorer.  In the postings to come, we’ll delve into and discuss many facets of this and invite your thoughts and questions, your agreements and DISagreements! Let’s consider together how the Creator has created us to live as human beings who are relational and sexual beings made in His image.

Ellen Dykas
About The Author
Ellen oversees the Philadelphia office’s ministry to women. Her ministry is focused on discipleship with women who are struggling with sexual and relational sins in their own lives, as well as women who are impacted by the sexual sins of their spouses or others. Ellen is available to teach, equip and encourage others (churches, organizations) to become more effective in ministering the gospel of Christ into the midst of all aspects of sexual brokenness.

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