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The time has never been more urgent to disciple our youth in understanding God’s design for sex, sexuality, and gender. The culture has become the primary sex educator of our youth, even youth who are growing up in the Church. The accessibility of the Internet, made possible by millions of smartphones and tablets, has become an increasing danger to even young children, who are easily finding porn and having their minds and hearts shaped by its destructive worldview message.

In this issue, you’ll read Cooper Pinson’s reflections on how parents and youth leaders can reach the hearts of our kids. Walt Mueller shows us an engaging way to help teens analyze the influential cultural messages from popular music. John Freeman lays down a challenge to youth leaders who won’t address sexual issues, and Nicholas Black explores the cultural messages of gender and gender roles that are putting children at risk for a lifetime of confusion.

We hope this issue both challenges and encourages you!

Harvest USA has more than 35 years of ministry experience in helping men, women, and families that struggle with sex, sexuality, and gender. Through our direct ministry to those who struggle, and through the teaching and educational ministry we provide to churches and institutions throughout the world, Harvest USA brings the clarity, hope, and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to these critical issues.

Here is a short list of the titles discussed in this issue:

A Look Up: Discipling Students in an Age of Pour-Over Coffee and Smart-Tech
Cooper Pinson

An Exercise in Cultural Discernment: From Bar to Bed… and Other Lies
Walt Mueller

Of Boys and Cultural Stereotypes
Dan Wilson

On the Road: Bright Ideas from a Youth Minister
Interview with Jon Shepherd

Children at Risk: Transgender Ideology
R. Nicholas Black

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