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Sex, sexuality, and gender are the keywords of our culture today. Meaning and purpose are discovered in who we (eventually) find ourselves to be regarding these three things. Or so says our culture.

But God is the creator of sex, sexuality, and gender, and he has much to say about his creation in these areas. Scripture does say that these identities and behaviors are important to human personality and flourishing, but they are not the key that unlocks ultimate meaning and purpose for each and every person. That belongs to God alone. It is in knowing him that we come to understand how sex, sexuality, and gender enrich our lives, and how we use these gifts to serve others and to serve God and his greater purposes in creation.

Harvest USA has more than 35 years of ministry experience in helping men, women, and families that struggle with sex, sexuality, and gender. Through our direct ministry to those who struggle (work which we do free of cost to those who come to us for help), and through the teaching and educational ministry we give to churches and institutions throughout the world, Harvest USA brings the clarity, hope, and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to these critical issues.

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Just What is Godly Sex?
David White

Is a Struggle with Porn a Deal-Breaker for Getting Married?
Mark Sanders

Rebuilding Sexual Intimacy after Sexual Betrayal
Ellen Dykas

A Couple’s Journey after Sexual Betrayal
Drew & Tilina Chheang 

My “Mixed-Orientation” Marriage
Tammy Perlmutter

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