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By Bob Heywood

I was exposed to pornography at a very young age.  I was six.  At that point in my life I really didn’t know what I was looking at.  I didn’t understand my body’s reaction to it.  All I knew was I felt good and I felt guilty.  Those two feelings drove me to a life of shame that I still haven’t fully unpacked.  The hallmark of that shame was sneaking.  And I was good at it.  But to have an entire area of my life in the dark and not talked about, meant that I knew I wasn’t functioning properly.  Something was wrong and that reality drove me to Christ. 

When Christ drew me to Himself and saved me, He made some radical changes in my life.  I experienced a certain amount of victory concerning my habit.  But I’ll never forget the first time I used pornography after I got saved.  I remember thinking, “Its back.”  I also remember looking in the mirror and realizing I couldn’t wait for my good works to kick in, in order to get right with God.  My promise to faithfully do my devotions for a week didn’t really help.  I needed to trust Christ for what He did for me on the cross right then and there. 

The problem was that I was dealing with this on my own – by myself.  Because of my shame, I didn’t open up to anyone when I occasionally fell.  I had no understanding concerning what pushed me toward acting out.  I didn’t believe anyone would understand my behavior and I had no concept of accountability.  Becoming a leader in the church meant it was even more strategic to not let the cat out of the bag.  The fact that I had an occasional bout with pornography and masturbation just wasn’t going to be brought up. 

Then came along a wonderful invention called the VCR.  The curiosity of wanting to see just what went on in those videos was just too much.  As I began to give into this temptation I realized I was getting in way over my head.  I also felt like I couldn’t stop because I hadn’t stopped.  I’ll never forget when I came to what I now consider the worst soul-deadening conclusion ever in my life.  And that was: “Maybe I can do both.  Maybe I can be a leader in the church and look at porn at the same time”.  After all, I was getting away with it, in a sense, already.  I had plenty of opportunities to teach and lead in the church and nobody suspected anything thanks to my deep theological convictions.  And, don’t forget my uncanny ability to sneak. 

The problem with all of this is that I was married.  My wife kept sensing more and more, that she was living with a stranger, somebody she really didn’t know.  She noticed that I wasn’t spending much time in the scriptures in my preparations for Sunday school classes.  She realized I was living off of leftover energy from years’ past.  As she tried to communicate this conviction to people in the church she got blown off as a woman who needed to go home and submit.  Frustrated, she almost got to the same place of giving up and just living with an unresponsive husband.


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