On Sexual Identity Labeling

Harvest USA’s Perspective:  Current Issues in the Culture and the Church on Sex

In a recent posting on the website, The Gospel Coalition, Jeff Buchanan, the executive vice president of Exodus International, wrote a compelling blog piece on the common use of sexual identity labeling. Jeff does an excellent job laying out 6 reasons why the use of the identity, “gay Christian,” is problematic and unwise for believers to use who have same-sex attraction.

We would add only one more reason: by labeling oneself as a “gay Christian,” it can be more likely that the individual might eventually be persuaded to embrace homosexual behavior since, by using the terminology, one places one’s experience of being same-sex attracted as being a primary identity above one’s standing in Christ. We are not saying this will happen, but it seems to fit Jeff’s third point, “Absolute Anchor,” because by “anchoring” one’s identity in one’s experiences or feelings or desires (even one’s temptations), it can make it harder for one to resist the pull toward active sexualization of one’s identity. Why? Because it will become the lens through which someone will process life, rather than process all of life through the perspective of Christ and his gracious authority over our life.

Here is the blog post: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/07/10/the-new-sexual-identity-crisis-2/

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