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Harvest USA teaches at numerous events throughout the country. On occasion it is more effective for attendees to have seminar resources: notes and handouts ahead of time. We will provide the notes here, through our website, so individuals can download PDF versions.


EVENT: The Gospel Coalition Nat. Women’s Conference 2016: Resurrection Life – In a World of Suffering

WORKSHOP: Emotional and Sexual Wholeness: Cultivating Christ’s Love, Displacing Relational Idols

SPEAKER:       Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Coordinator


We all desire the security of feeling loved—and we all are tempted to find that security not in God our Creator but in unhealthy relationships with people around us. In what ways do we tend to practice idolatry, with people (and our experiences with them) as the object of our worship? How do messy and enslaving relational patterns form? Most important, in Christ, how can we grow from unholy dependency on people, into women who live out 1 Pet 1:22: having a sincere and deep-hearted love for others that is free and whole?

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