Are you licensed counselors?

HARVEST USA offers what we call short-term discipleship counseling. A HARVEST USA staff member can meet with you up to a maximum of six times to help you address your issues of sexual sin and repentance. Beyond, or in combination with, discipleship-counseling we may refer you to a biblical support group and suggest you develop discipleship and accountability relationships with people in your local church.

HARVEST USA staff members are trained in various aspects of Christian ministry. We are not licensed or professional Christian counselors.

Discipleship-counseling is not professional Christian counseling. We focus on sexual sin issues and may suggest that you seek other, professional counseling for other spiritual or emotional issues that we observe. Our goal in discipleship-counseling is to help you understand the heartidols that contribute to your struggle with sexual sin and the work of Jesus Christ, which has freed us from God’s wrath and allows us to receive grace from God to walk

HARVEST USA staff members will maintain confidentiality with the exceptions listed on the Initial Interview Agreement.

HARVEST USA does not charge fees for any of the personal ministry that we offer. However, personal ministry does have costs associated with it—staff pay, rent, and so on.
The average one-on-one discipleship-counseling visit costs us about $40. We are a faith-supported ministry. We encourage you, if you are able, to make a tax-deductible contribution in any amount to HARVEST USA to help cover the costs that we incur in offering you this ministry. Gifts of support are optional, and we offer personal ministry to everyone who requests it, regardless of any contributions on their part.

Discipleship-counseling visits typically last 50 minutes. On your first visit, you should plan to arrive ten minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.

HARVEST USA is a Christian ministry and all of the personal ministry we offer is meant to point you toward increasing relationship with Jesus Christ. A copy of our Doctrinal Statement is available on our website. We will provide you with a paper copy upon request.

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