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Sexual Sanity for Women:  Healing from Sexual & Relational Brokenness
Excerpts from Introduction and Session One 
The following is an excerpt from Ellen Dykas’ new workbook for women, Sexual Sanity for Women:  Healing from Sexual & Relational Brokenness Published by New Growth Press. Copyright © 2013 by Harvest USA. This Harvest USA resource can be used in a one-on-one discipling relationship or in a small group.  You can obtain this resource at our bookstore: 

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By Ellen Dykas

Elsewhere on this website is Dan Wilson’s excellent article, God Gives the Best Sex. He explained that for the unmarried the grace of God is the key to true joy as well as living out a godly sexuality. Because the idea of sexuality is often equated with sexual activity, those of us who are unmarried often miss the rich blessings God can pour out

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By Dan Wilson

A Positive Theology of Sex
HARVEST USA articles usually deal with the negative realities of sexual sin, and many people think evangelical Christians, when it comes to discussions of sex, are negative, nit-picking prudes who do not have enough fun and who believe God is anti-pleasure and only says “No!” HARVEST USA, in its work with people who struggle with sexual brokenness and sin, speaks seriously about these issues, but serious does not mean negative.

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