Awakenings, Arousings and Attachments – Part III

Awakenings, Arousings and Attachments – Part III

Some final thoughts for us to consider about how how souls become attached to what they should be detached from…and how Christ enables us to remain attached or in an abiding relationship with Him. The ideas of being  ‘aroused’ and ‘awakened’ are key.

The word arousal is mostly used to refer (it seems) to sexual arousal: the body’s sexual sensitivities being stirred. But our souls and emotions can also be ‘aroused’: stirred, moved, touched. Being aroused from sleeping seems like a way to describe the brief time between slumber and being fully awake. “She was aroused from her deep sleep and woke up”, for example. I wonder if this is a way for us to also consider how our emotions and thoughts can be stirred in a direction, that then leads us to be ‘awakened’ towards acting upon those emotions and thoughts? Acting upon them in either a Christ-ward (abiding in Him and His Word) direction OR in a selfish and sin-ward direction?

Psalm 34:8 says to TASTE and SEE that the Lord is good. Galatians 5:16 says to WALK by the SPIRIT and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. Both of these verses speak to the issue of what/who will ‘arouse’ you? Will ‘awaken’ you? What do the tastebuds of your heart hunger for? Seek out to devour…to attach to? The promise of Galatians 5:16 is that as we are walking in the Spirit, (another way to describe what it means to abide in Jesus: BEING FILLED AND DIRECTED BY HIS SPIRIT), we will not gratify our sinful desires. Those sinful desires come from our sinful hearts being aroused and awakened to worldly things, rather than the Lord. Sinful cravings for things like:

  • physical or emotional pleasure at any cost
  • escape from emotional pain at all cost
  • rejection of any circumstance or encounter that might lead me to feel rejected
  • being number one and made much of by those in my life

To be aroused, awakened and attached by and to holiness and the things of the Lord isn’t a series of steps per se, it is a radical relational reorientation towards a Person: JESUS. I’m gonna stop here 🙂 and invite comments from our thousands of blog followers. What do you think about this attachment vs. abiding idea?

Ellen Dykas
About The Author
Ellen oversees the Philadelphia office’s ministry to women. Her ministry is focused on discipleship with women who are struggling with sexual and relational sins in their own lives, as well as women who are impacted by the sexual sins of their spouses or others. Ellen is available to teach, equip and encourage others (churches, organizations) to become more effective in ministering the gospel of Christ into the midst of all aspects of sexual brokenness.

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