A Monday Morning Mug of Mercy

A Monday Morning Mug of Mercy

Is that blog post title cheesy? Well, I’ve been accused of worse things. 🙂 My time with the Lord each morning is 99.99% of the time accompanied by a mug or two of robust coffee. Ponderings this morning from Hosea 7:8, Psalm 106:35 and Psalm 32:9. These verses refer to how God’s people “mingled” or braided themselves with the pagan nations. They had been specifically commanded NOT to do this, but much like us today, they wanted what they wanted and did it anyway.

Braiding. Mingling. Entangling ourselves…the allusion of oneness where there is no oneness. Christ alone can dwell within us and Christ alone can truly complete us, fill us…be a faithful and SAFE receiver of our love, adoration, attention, worship. And yet, we all are tempted and give way in one way or another, to spiritually-emotionally-mentally-physically entangle ourselves with creation. For those prone toward relational and/or sexual idolatry, it can seeeeeem so beautiful, so ‘natural’, so right because it feeeeels good. The emotional and sexual rush that happens when the images get clicked to from one to the other; the soothing and endorphin release that happens in reading those emails of verbal/emotional/sexual connection; the free-falling lostness into a fantasy world of love & romance that “seems to exist” with that person on the other side of the IM chat.

You know you’re stuck. You feel the enslavement…the addiction of it all. You fear being found out. Jesus knows these things…and His mercy to you is compassionate love poured over you. His mercy to you comes from His holy heart that knows the misery that sin brings, the anguish and ways-of-pain that just are a part of the deal when you live in this fallen world. Are you in pain because of your sin?

To pain-filled, sin-captive hearts, Jesus does not say merely, DO THIS OR DO THAT! So here’s where Psalm 32:9 comes in. Our Lord wants so much more than for us to follow Him like a bridled horse or mule, that can be yanked here and there by a master who is cajoling us. And I would suggest to you, that He even has more for us than the beauty of the picture of a sheep listening for the familiar and safe voice of a trusted shepherd. What Christ calls us to is the tender relationship of Bride to Bridegroom. Of relationship. Of love and faithfulness woven together.

If you’re heartsick on this Monday, (maybe you were doing some braiding and mingling over the weekend), don’t try to undo yourself by being a spiritual horse or mule.  That same Psalm 32 has two other amazing promises that say the Lord’s love and songs of deliverance SURROUND His people. (vs. 7, 10) So…

  1. Come to Lord Jesus, a Bridegroom full of mercy and worthy of your devotion.
  2. Acknowledge where/how/when you’ve been mingling with this world…where sin has led you away from Him.
  3. Ask Him to instruct, counsel, teach you (Psalm 32:8) in the way you should go. Do you need to talk to someone? Ask for prayer? Seek accountability? Are you being nurtured from God’s Word? Are you seeking out time with people who enthuse you and provoke you to fall in love with Jesus? People who sing and shout and whisper courage into your heart…words that remind you it is WORTH it to live for King Jesus and His Kingdom purposes?
  4. Ask Him to open your spiritual eyes to His mercy…that soothes you, then invigorates you to robust obedience.
  5. Listen…those songs of deliverance are being sung over you!
  6. Trust…Jesus loves you, forgives you, is making you new and setting you free. One step of faithfulness at a time. Just one step…take your next step of obedience.

Then enjoy a mug of coffee with Him tomorrow morning. 🙂

Ellen Dykas
About The Author
Ellen oversees the Philadelphia office’s ministry to women. Her ministry is focused on discipleship with women who are struggling with sexual and relational sins in their own lives, as well as women who are impacted by the sexual sins of their spouses or others. Ellen is available to teach, equip and encourage others (churches, organizations) to become more effective in ministering the gospel of Christ into the midst of all aspects of sexual brokenness.

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